Celebrate the Greatness In You!

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I love to celebrate . . . pretty much, ANYTHING!  I celebrate everything from the first day of Summer to the sex of my unborn child. Life should be celebrated! As an entrepreneur, I have even learned how to celebrate my journey of bumps and bruises and the many failures along the way, because every failure has led to my personal growth, acceptance and  development of the greatness within me.

Celebrating the GREATNESS of your divine design reminds you of your purpose. As you live at the elevated standard of greatness, your gifts expand and shine for the world to see.

Joy comes in the celebration, appreciation and acceptance of who you are at the core.

Here are the Top Five Reasons To Celebrate The Greatness Within You:

Failure is a part of success and without it, you would never grow. You cannot allow yourself to get too self-absorbed and self-consumed or else you will lose your perspective on what is really important!
Reason #1 helps you to fail fast and keep moving forward. Re-focus your attention on your divine call and purpose.

Many times we sabotage our divine calling by comparing ourselves to others and what’s going on in their lives versus what’s not going on in ours.
Reason #2 – helps you to focus on YOUR journey and helps you to stay in YOUR lane!

People assigned to walk your journey with you will gravitate to you. These are the people who are at every party – they help you set up, stay at your party until the lights go on and are the ones who stay and help clean up the mess! These are your soldiers!
Reason #3 – Make it a priority to appreciate the people in your life that are purposed to walk with you for a reason, a season and a lifetime.

Life doesn’t always go as planned. It’s important to celebrate every turn in your journey, because every step has it’s purpose in developing you into the fullness for which you were born.
Reason #4 – helps remind you that you are constantly moving, in motion and evolving into your next greatest self! That in itself is great reason to celebrate!

Vocalize your thankfulness! Give thanks for your health, your family, the roof over your head and the clothes on your back, etc. Before you know it, your whole perspective about your current situation changes.

Reason #5 – helps you to view life with fresh eyes, a new perspective and a thankful heart.

When life’s storms cause major damage, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate!

When your bills are due and the money is gone, it’s time to celebrate!

When you have had enough on the job and are ready to quit, instead of throwing in the towel, throw a celebration!

When you don’t know what else to do and you have done all you can, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the greatness within you!

Stop waiting for your circumstances to change on their own. Do something about it! Take charge, take authority and focus on your GREAT EVOLUTION!